More important than having the right investment vehicle or the right insurance product is having the right advice.  

With the complexity of the modern financial landscape, hiring a financial advisor with a simple directive to "grow my money" is no longer a viable option. Today's clients face too many complex decisions throughout their life for that narrative to be sustainable.  How you grow your money is going to be contingent upon a variety of factors beyond that of a simple questionnaire about your risk tolerance.  

In addition to facing questions about one's insurance/investment related affairs, many clients are also facing questions on a variety of different topics and are looking for answers on the financial ramifications of those questions.  This is where DeGroff Financial can help.

Financial consulting

Every client is different.  Every client's situation is different.  Because of this, every client's solution to their financial problems is going to be different.  Further, this idea that the job of a financial advisor is to conduct an annual "check-up" of investment and insurance goals is fast becoming outdated.  

This is why DeGroff Financial offers financial consulting as a paid service for clients.  Much deeper than simply an occasional review of financial products, we offer on-going consulting for those clients who are looking for regular interaction with their advisor on any financial topic.  It is our experience that those clients who have the most long term success are the ones who are in regular communication with their financial advisor and utilize their advisor for far more than simply these annual "check-ups."  

For clients who require this extra interaction, we develop strong relationships and work intimately with them in their regular financial life keeping abreast of any relevant changes and providing advice as the changes come, often before they come, to best provide direction and advice when they come.  This helps clients to maintain a positive direction with their finances and make the types of decisions that will help yield them long term dividends.  

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