The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid.  - Thomas a Kempis

The cornerstone of developing a financial strategy is insurance planning.  Unfortunately, while this is a critical component of the process in developing a financial strategy, it is also an oft-overlooked component.  However, without proper insurance coverages in place, assets that are so carefully built over a long period of time can be lost in a moment. 

With the help of our strategic partners, DeGroff Financial works with our clients to help implement an insurance program that is going to work to protect their assets and establish their foundation for future growth.

insurance philosophy

Many people mistakingly view that money allocated toward insurance is money that is not allocated toward wealth building and should therefore be minimized.  DeGroff Financial holds a different perspective.  While no one (including us) wants to spend too much money on insurance, there is such a thing as spending too little and not properly managing the risks that you face.  For this reason, we look at our clients' insurance strategy with the same focus we do as their investment strategy.  To us, both must exist together to build financial security.  



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