Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.  - Warren Buffet


Like many things in life, the world of investing is not easy, but it is simple.  Unfortunately though, the simplicity of investing is often drowned by the noise of popular media. It seems like everyone has a plan for what you "should" do with your money.  The media likes to tell us of the "top stocks" the "best mutual funds" and the "five best investments" that, of course, "we should buy right now."  All of this constant barrage of information can make it easy to lose sight of the principles of investing that have helped so many on their financial journey.

DeGroff Financial strives to help clients filter the noise to help them better see the right decision to make.  Our goal is that, in time, clients will begin to understand how to implement proper investing strategies that can help facilitate long term growth potential.  Rather than investing one's money remaining a "mysterious" process, we hope that while every client may have different objectives and different opportunities available to them, there are common principles that they can implement that will help provide a better opportunity for success.   

investment options

Because each client is different, the opportunities each client will have available to them will vary.  While DeGroff Financial offers traditional investment options, we also encourage our clients to develop private equity investments outside of the financial markets and provide the resources and advice they require to do so. 


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