"The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor." -Vince Lombardi

Committing to excellence

At DeGroff Financial, we want our clients to live their lives, do the things they want to do, and impact the causes they want to impact.  We believe that money can serve to further those ambitions.  Rather than money hanging as a carrot on a stick in front of our clients, we want it to be serving as a driver to further the objectives of our clients.  

We seek to effect that cause by having two main facets of business: Advice and Services.  Our respective objectives are as follows: 

1.  Give our clients the direction they need to make the right decisions. There is a seemingly endless number of messages telling people what they should do with their money.  We have made it our business to cut through the noise to help our clients have the information they need to make the right decisions.

2.  Provide the products/services needed to follow that advice. Even the best advice is rendered meaningless if no action is ever taken on that advice.  That's why DeGroff Financial seeks to have available the tools to help our clients have the ability to follow that advice.

Our thought is that if we can provide our clients with the advice they are seeking to help them make the right decisions, and then provide the tools and services required to travel that path, then they are far more likely to experience financial growth than if we offered only one facet or the other.  

How we work

Our first objective is to meet people and understand who they are and what their problem areas might be.  We do this through taking the time to simply listen.  Sometimes a person has a lot to say, while other times they do not have a lot to say.  There is no wrong answer and no assigned time limit for a first meeting.  

Then, our job is to help figure out what is needed to move forward.  Sometimes a person serves as their own advisor and only needs a financial product or service (life insurance or tax prep, for instance).  Other people might only need advice.  Still others might need a combination of the two.  Whatever it is, we will work with the individual to determine the path forward for them and then work with them to do what is needed.

The key idea is that we work with our clients.  When working with DeGroff Financial, it is not all about us, nor is it all about you.  Our experience shows that it takes both of us working together to effect the greatest results.  Because of which, we want to take the time to ensure working together is a good fit for all parties.  

From there, everyone's path is different.  The service, the type of service, and the level of service is going to vary depending upon the circumstances of the client.  The common thread though, is that we will work to help our clients perpetually achieve the next level of growth.