Services Overview

DeGroff Financial provides several different services in order to better serve our clients.  

Financial consulting

More important than having the right products, the right investments, or the right financial plan, is having the right direction.  

Tax services

Effective preparation of year-end taxes is important for any financial strategy.  DeGroff Financial offers tax preparation services to facilitate proper reporting and to help keep our clients moving in the right direction.

investment planning

To grow your money you need to have the proper investment strategy.  With a variety of investment options, DeGroff Financial will work to develop one for you.

Business Planning

Running a business can be challenging.  As time passes, the difficulty of business management changes, only the type of challenge faced changes.  Whether you are starting a business or looking to grow a business, DeGroff Financial will work to help you do just that.   

insurance planning

The foundation of any financial strategy is risk management. Without the proper strategy in place to manage risk, a financial plan is more susceptible to failure.