Tax Services

Because of the complexity of today's financial environment, it is often simpler for clients to maintain their financial life in one place.  In addition to the simplicity factor, segregating one's tax planning strategy from their overall financial strategy often yields undesirable results.  Often, an accountant will appropriately make recommendations that reduce the client's taxes, but apart from a knowledge of the client's overall financial planning strategy the recommendations the accountant make could run counter to the rest of the financial strategy.  This leads to a dynamic where there is a short term gain (reduced taxes), but a long term loss (growth potential).  For this reason, through our strategic partnerships DeGroff Financial provides accounting and tax preparation services to its clients.  

communication with existing accountants

For those clients who may already have a trusted accountant but who also want to ensure that tax strategies are working in harmony with their financial strategy, DeGroff Financial can work side-by-side with the accountant to foster communication and agreement with the client's overall financial strategy.  


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