DeGroff Financial was founded in 2016 to help clients better align their financial resources with their strategic objectives.  


Our Mission

"To enliven Money."

DeGroff Financial wants Money to be alive, functioning, and active; meaning that it should be used to help achieve and obtain a goal. The purpose of money is to support that objective, and money is alive when it is serving in that capacity. 

Our Story

DeGroff Financial was founded in 2016 by Joseph DeGroff in an effort to start a firm that focused on consulting in the field of finance.  His goal was to build a company that provided the tools and resources that would allow clients to improve their financial decision making models, thereby allowing their money to go further and do more.  In this process, it became useful for clients to have access through DeGroff Financial to other financial products and services.

To facilitate this, Jon DeGroff joined the firm in 2017, bringing with him nearly eleven years of experience in the financial services industry.  Because Jon has spent his career working with individuals and businesses on building and protecting their financial plans through comprehensive insurance and investment planning, his addition to the company was the logical next step for its growth.  

Together, DeGroff Financial has an increased ability to consult with clients across a broad range of areas in addition to now providing more of the products they need to move forward on that advice.